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NEW The Margherita Ring
NEW The Margherita Ring
NEW The Margherita Ring
NEW The Margherita Ring

NEW The Margherita Ring

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The Margherita Ring is an Italian name meaning 'pearl' which is fitting for this variant of the Valentino ring, holding an 8mm pearl. The Margherita Ring is available in solid sterling silver, solid 10ct rose or yellow gold. This regal ring represents strength, victory and triumph with its crown style sertting, wrapping around the pearl.

The pearl in this ring can be customised with your choice of inclusions and colours. Each piece will be lovingly crafted after careful discussion with you about what you envision for your keepsake piece.

Inclusions I work with:

  • Breastmilk

  • Milk Alternatives

  • Embryo Ashes

  • Hair

  • Encapsulated Placenta

  • Umbilical Cord

  • Loved One's Ashes

You may incorporate more than one inclusion in your piece, at no extra cost. Please tick all that apply in the drop down box.

See the photo to help you choose your colours and flecks. These examples have been made using breastmilk for demonstration purposes and may look slightly different in pieces that don’t contain milk. Please be aware that there may be some variation to the colours as seeing them on a screen will look slightly different to in person. There can also be some variation to the colours depending on the colour of your breastmilk when added with a colour. Please tick the colours and flecks that you have chosen from the drop down box.

Once you have finalised your order, I will send you a ring sizing kit to ensure you are ordering the perfect size!