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Meal Planner - Free Download

I originally created this meal planner for me.  Since falling pregnant, cravings may have taken over a little too much.... and things have been so crazy busy that I haven't been planning meals as much as I used to.  But hey I'm trying to change that now in preparation for when baby finally arrives (hopefully soon!).

I made this meal planner up to include the things that I find the hardest to keep on track with:

  • dinners
  • healthy snacks and
  • water intake

That's why you'll find these things on the Bambini Lotus Meal Planner.  I like to make sure I know what's happening for dinner throughout the week and I thought this was a good way to also track my water.  Snacks are also my downfall, I'm a sucker for a good biscuit (Gingerbread Cookies anyone?!). 

Some of you may know that I truly believe that changing my diet and lifestyle definitely had an impact on my fertility and helped me to get pregnant naturally after two IVF babies! I had made lots of changes over the last couple of years, mostly to improve my cycles (which were terrible thanks to PCOS and endometriosis) but also hopefully to improve my chances at a third baby via IVF.  I never actually dreamed of the possibility of falling pregnant naturally. But here we are and I think a healthy lifestyle with organised healthy meals and cutting out certain foods really helped.  

So if you're like me and want to get organised and start planning out your meals and improve your lifestyle through food, download the meal planner via the pop up box below!

Rach xx

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