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What is the process for having a keepsake made?

Once you have ordered your piece, you will be sent an order confirmation and also a separate welcome email. This welcome email will contain all the information you need, explaining how to send your precious inclusions. There will also be a link to a short questionnaire. This questionnaire is so that we can better get to know you and your journey. This helps us to personalise your experience and craft the perfect keepsake for you.

Once we receive your inclusions, we will send you an email to let you know they have arrived safe and sound. Rachael will personally then start the crafting process. If you have sent in breastmilk, formula or milk alternatives, we will use our special preservation process to ensure the milk will last in your keepsake piece. We use Baby Bee Hummingbirds Milky Mama Magic Dust to preserve our milks. Your preserved milk or other inclusions are then added to to resin to create your beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I now offer AfterPay! After Pay is available from each product page. Simply add to cart and use your After Pay account to purchase!

Does Australia Post allow breastmilk to be shipped?

Yes, just mark the parcel as ‘liquid’.

Can I send frozen breastmilk?

Of course! Fresh or frozen, either is perfect. If frozen, just make sure the milk is properly thawed before sending so the packaging doesn’t end up soggy.

Will my breastmilk go ‘off’ during transit?

No, as long as you strictly follow our ‘sending inclusions’ instructions, the breastmilk will be fine by the time it arrives at our door.

How do I send my formula?

You can simply send a scoop of unmade formula double bagged in zip lock bags.

How do I send my milk alternatives?

The same instructions apply as if you were to send breastmilk. These instructions will be sent to you upon receiving your order.

How long will it take to receive my keepsake?

Please allow 8-12 weeks from when I receive your inclusions for pieces to be processed, crafted and posted. I reserve the right to alter this time frame slightly, depending on my workload. If the 8-12 week timeframe needs to be altered, I will notify you personally to keep you updated.

How do I order the correct ring size?

Easy Peasy! When you place and pay for your order, we will send you out a ring sizing kit. This will ensure that the correct size is ordered for you. You simply need to email us with your order number and ring size.

Can I change my mind and cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within the first 7 days of placing the order. Unfortunately after this timeframe, orders cannot be cancelled due to materials being ordered for your piece.

How will I know my inclusions have made it to you?

Once your inclusions have been delivered, I will notify you personally via email that your inclusions are safe and sound!

Bambini Lotus does not take responsibility for any lost mail that has not made it to us. We understand that these inclusions are very precious and we therefore recommend you send your inclusions via tracked post so that you can also make sure they arrive to us. In the event of your inclusions being lost in the mail, we recommend you contact the relevant delivery service and resend your inclusions as soon as possible.

What happens to my leftover inclusions?

Any leftover milk that we have not needed to preserve will be disposed of. Your leftover preserved milk will be kept and filed away for a period of 12 months. In the event that you would like another piece crafted, we will be able to use your already preserved milk.