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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

I take your privacy very seriously. Please be assured that any information collected from you when you place an order will only be used to craft your keepsake. Any information and packaging containing your details will be shredded once it is no longer needed after crafting your piece.

If you join my mailing list, your information will only be used to send updates and special offers. Your information will never be passed onto third parties.

Terms & Conditions

Lay By Terms & Conditions:

  1. A 25% deposit is required to be paid within the first 24 hours of receiving your invoice, to secure your lay by order. We will send your invoice via email.

  2. You are required to make a minimum of one payment per fortnight.

  3. You will have 3 months to complete your lay by. After this time we will send you a reminder about your final payment. If you fail to complete payment within 7 days of this reminder, your order will be cancelled. We will keep your deposit to cover any administration costs and costs of unused materials that were purchased for your order. Any payments above the 25% deposit will be refunded via PayPal.

  4. Once you have paid 50% of the purchase price, we will send instructions about packaging and sending your inclusions so that they are ready to go once you have finalised your lay by.

  5. Once you have paid the lay by in full, we will start crafting your keepsake. Please allow 4-6 weeks from when you have completed the lay by payments for us to send your keepsake.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are subject to change without any notice.