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My Story

As a sentimental person, it’s important to have beautiful things to bookmark those life events. My great passion is to provide that opportunity through beautiful keepsakes.
My name is Rachael Bombardieri. I am married to my beautiful husband Emmanuele and Mummy to two beautiful babies, Teresa and Valentino. The road to pregnancy wasn’t an easy journey but the results are worth the heartache. Going through IVF is a tough road but one that makes me feel lucky. Lucky that these opportunities are available and lucky that I had a relatively quick IVF journey. This leads me to the present.
My babies have provided me with the opportunity for a vision, which all started with the miracle that is pregnancy, birth and parenthood. So many milestones and loving memories! My breastfeeding journey has sadly just come to an end, but the last 18 months of providing that liquid gold to my son has shown me how passionate I am. I feel proud to have overcome so many obstacles (and lots of tears!) in those early breastfeeding days. Breastfeeding also brought me to my current situation: DNA and breastmilk jewellery.
 My lovely lactation consultant was the first to introduce me to the world of DNA keepsakes. I was so excited and I just had to have a beautiful keepsake to commemorate my breastfeeding journey. After all, it’s a lovely sentiment to remember for years to come. This opened up a multitude of possibilities and my mind ran wild, the possibilities endless. Our life events are important and plentiful. Immortalising those various moments in keepsakes is in my view, a beautiful way for the memories to live on.