About the Keepsakes

The Crafting Process

Each keepsake piece is made from quality and carefully chosen jewellery pieces and fitted with a resin gem. Inside this resin will be your precious inclusions. I can work with many inclusions to celebrate your journey through motherhood:

  • Breastmilk
  • Milk Alternatives
  • Embryo Ashes
  • Loved One’s Ashes
  • Baby’s First Curl
  • Encapsulated Placenta
  • Umbilical Cord

These inclusions are preserved or dried to add to the resin, then cured and added to your choice of jewellery. 

The end product is a one of a kind, priceless keepsake to celebrate you! Your keepsake is a celebration. A tangible and visual reminder of the battles you have fought to get pregnant or the triumphs of making it through breastfeeding. While each story is unique, it should showcase your triumphs! You made it Mama! Look at your beautiful baby and remember those moments in time that have made you the warrior woman you are

My Philosophy

At Bambini Lotus I love supporting local, quality products. Thats why I try to source as much as possible through local artists and businesses. There’s nothing better than working with another small business!

I also love flowers. You will find in your colour choices that there is a choice of ‘botanical pigments’. These are locally sourced flowers that have been dried and ground personally by me! These can be added to your keepsake to add a unique matte colour to your piece or can be mixed with a shimmer for that added sparkle.

Signifying those challenges through pregnancy and motherhood is so important. I myself went through a tough breastfeeding journey with my son Valentino and I am not alone. There are so many Mums out there who are breastfeeding an allergy baby. This is why I offer the option to add formula or milk alternatives to your piece as well. It’s a beautiful reminder of your determination to nourish your baby, in the best way possible for their tummy.