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My Beginning of the End

This was my beginning of the end. The end of my infertility struggle. Little did I know (or fully want to believe just yet) that in a few short weeks from this photo I would find out I was pregnant 💖

This was probably the longest, most painful and emotional month of my life. My first round of IVF.

Eggs Collected at Repromed SA

This photo was taken just after I had woken up from surgery, groggy and sore. But relieved. This number represents how many eggs the doctors collected from my first round! I was amazed!

It wasn’t over from here. There were still more shots and more anxious waiting until we got that positive test result.

Infertility is excruciatingly hard. Until you’ve been through it you can’t understand the emotions. The sadness, the anger, the waiting and the frustration. Frustration that your body can’t do what seems natural and easy to so many other people. Infertility isn’t talked about enough and I don’t think there is enough knowledge or support out there because of this.

Infertility is hard but I feel lucky to have been able to use IVF to have my two beautiful babies with me right now. A shout out to all those going through this pain right now. I hope you get your happily ever after and that ‘positive’ result.

Rachael 💖

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